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The City of Ely Nevada is the only shelter left in the state that continues the use of the gas chamber to euthanize animals in their charge. This is a medieval practice that should not be used any longer. Animals that are ill (or un-adoptable in any way) deserve a more humane solution to help guide them to the rainbow bridge. The excuses for the use of the gas chamber are no longer valid - which is why thousands of shelters and pounds across the country are no longer using it.

It is understandable that costs are considered in any changes made - but in reality, euthanasia by injection is less costly, quicker, and more humane. Animals lose consciousness in three to five seconds. Whereas, concerning the gas chamber, people often hear them crying and barking and shrieking. It's not without pain. Obviously this is extremely disturbing.

Please sign this petition - it will be emailed directly to the people that make the decisions regarding the shelter/pound in Ely Nevada.

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