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Every year, thousands of dogs, mostly pittie mixes, are dumped at Chicago Animal Control (CACC), the city's open access kill shelter. Many more are picked up as strays Discarded mama dogs full of milk, young healthy dogs. Most dogs come from the same Chicago zip codes, where backyard breeding has been OUT OF CONTROL for years. Nothing has been done to break the cycle. NO ORDINANCES TO BAN greedy people who use innocent souls to make an income. Income that should be taxed as well. NO FINES, NO JAIL TIME, NO TASK FORCE TO CRACK DOWN on this EPIDEMIC, OVERPOPULATION PROBLEM.

There is a dog overpopulation problem in Chicago. The city is supposedly struggling financially but yet allows this practice to continue without fines or repercussions. The officials have been silent. The taxpayers have been silent, the constituents who have the power to elect or not elect people in power have been silent. Meanwhile the killings of innocent dogs continue daily. Most of the time this is done silently, without much notice.

We, the concerned citizens, constituents, taxpayers, demand an immediate ban on backyard breeding, fines for people who contribute to the overpopulation and killing of innocent dogs by breeding them, and creation of a task force to  enforce the law. We will no longer condone the killings using our taxpayer money. 


Taxpayers, Constituents, Concerned Citizens



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