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We want to KEEP the St. Lawrence Market North Market Project ON TRACK!

- initiated by community in 1998

- received City Council approval in 2002

- $76.185 Million approved in 2012

- all stakeholders approved

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KEEP the St. Lawrence Market North Market Redevelopment ON TRACK!

The St. Lawrence Market has been an important Toronto institution for over 200 years. The South and North Markets are a destination for residents from across the city and one of our leading tourist destinations. The Market was recently named as the #1 food market in the world by National Geographic.

Housing the Saturday Farmers Market and Sunday Antique Market, the North Market is a vital element to enhance the entire St. Lawrence Market precinct.

The North St Lawrence Market redevelopment project has gone through a decade-long process to ensure that it meets the needs of the City, users and the community and is supported by all the Market stakeholders – merchants, residents and local businesses.

The new North Market will replace a tired, inefficient 1960s building with a facility that will be used throughout the week. It will continue to house the Saturday Farmers’ Market and Sunday Antiques market and will create revenue opportunities for the City, through new bookings. The building will also provide a new and much needed parking facility and a consolidated Court. Both the parking and the consolidated court service will provide additional revenue.

We the undersigned urge City Council to approve continuing the St. Lawrence North Market Redevelopment Project design and adequately fund the project as a benefit to all residents in the City of Toronto.

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