Petition for Low Density Zoning

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Update:  This petition is to ask the Decatur City Council to zone the Morris Property, surrounded by Upper River Road, Deere Road and Old River Road (behind the new Publix), a “Residential, Low Density” area.  The current agricultural farm land is to be annexed into the City of Decatur, and rezoned for “Mixed Neighborhood” under the Decatur One Plan. “Mixed Neighborhood” can include apartments, town homes and 1/3 acre lots for houses.  In other words, “High Density Housing”. Our elected officials are ready to spend 1 million dollars of the taxpayers money to run sewer through private property for this development.  

Once this happens, our Sandhill Cranes and Whooping Cranes will no longer visit our area.  Our 2 lane roads will become increasingly congested with 700+cars and there are no plans for new infrastructure.  It also changes the charm of our peaceful land east of the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge. 

I ask you to sign this petition so our elected officials will hear the citizens of Decatur. We would like for them to consider making this said land a “Low Density” area with lots starting 0.5-1 acre.