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ABT, as easy as 123! 3 Steps to Annual Blood Testing!

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      The blood is the mirror to your inner body. Its components go way beyond what your external body shows and can even contain signs and symptoms of future health risks such as cancer, diabetes and hypertension. For instance, a recent discovery in the University of California San Diego reportedly enables scientists to determine the location of a cancer tumor through a specially-designed blood test which analyzes the DNA from the surge of dead tissue cells which were killed by the cancer kills. With more tests, doctors will be able to spot the affected area before the cancer even spreads (Science Daily, 2017).

     This just shows that through the appropriate blood tests, it can reflect various factors of your well-being. These also include other biological information such as your biological age, your fluid levels, risk for depression and a lot more. Illnesses such as HIV, Hepatitis, Leukemia and sickle cell anemia are just some of the fatal diseases which can be detected through blood testing. This is because the blood contains a lot more than just blood cells, plasma and platelets. According to Baron (2006), our blood contains hormones, cholesterol and glucose, all of which could serve as the tell-tale tools of how our organs interact. This makes it truly relevant to get your blood regularly tested for your own good. And it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Take the first step to enhance your well-being! Go to your nearest blood testing facility. Almost all hospitals offer laboratory services such as the Complete Blood Count (CBC). This will provide you an overview of your overall health as it gives one a diagnostic of the vascular, kidneys, liver, and blood cell condition. It is part of the APE or Annual Physical Exam. Don't fret and ask your health provider about your blood testing choices! Bring your corresponding health card (insurance cards) and get tested with no additional fees.


Get tested! If you hate syringes, then it's time to face your fear. A few milliliters of blood can reveal so much about your current health condition. It's like magnifying your inner systems and spotting the questionable particles or the lack thereof. In getting your blood tested, you can evaluate how your organs are functioning, diagnose diseases such as diabetes and HIV/ AIDS, identify your risks to cardiovascular diseases, etc. The ABT is indeed as easy as 1 2 3! In fact, it won’t even require you of any special preparation; however, it is advised to fast 8-12 hours before the blood test. Blood can either be drawn from your arm or by a simple prick on your finger.


Discuss the lab results with your doctor. Yes. That paper they give after you undergo blood-testing is filled with quite a lot of jargon. Erythrocytes. Lymphocytes. Platelets. But what do all these words and numbers mean? Discuss the results with a trusted doctor and find out what needs attention. It's worth all the trouble to get tested. Who knows? It just might save not only your life, but a loved one's.

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