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Jacksonville, Florida Citizens Calling for a Repeal of Citizens United

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When a mistake is made in our courts, it is the responsibility of citizens to call upon their elected representatives to act on behalf of their constituents in order to insure people's continued trust in their institutions. The 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights provides citizens the opportunity to have their grievances be heard by their elected representatives. In creating this petition we are calling on that right as a community in good faith that our voices will be heard and action will be taken.

In 2010 a decision was made by the Supreme Court in favor of Citizens United, five to four, allowing unlimited amounts of money to go to SuperPACS, similar political campaign organizations, and to candidates constituted free speech thus empowering corporations, with a status of personhood equal to that of natural human beings. As a result, FIVE wealthy people, led by Dallas industrialist Harold Simmons and Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, have donated nearly $1 of every $4 flowing to the super PACs raising unlimited money in this year's presidential race, a USA TODAY analysis shows.

"We as citizens reject the Supreme Court’s belief that corporations should be allowed to flood our system with money to virtually buy elections giving themselves a more powerful voice in our society than the voice of the people. We also reject the idea that a corporation is a “person” on the same level as a “natural person” to be protected and given similar rights under our constitution.

As a citizen of Jacksonville, Florida I support this petition calling on our elected officials to join other communities around the country in calling for a repeal of both the 2010 Citizen’s United decision and the idea of “corporate personhood” that allows money to be considered free speech to be protected under the 1st Amendment."

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