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Petition for the National ISD: May 5, 2016 Dear Frisco ISD and education board: Hello, my name is Christopher Nguyen. I have an idea for Frisco ISD and the overall school system across America that I hope I can share with you. First, I would like to become involved in Frisco ISD. Not that I mean to drag on the Frisco ISD school system, I believe the school system is excellent, and is continuing to get  better and better, however, I feel that we need one more step to fully help our youth. I know as Americans how money is spent on education, but ultimately it is not helping the children that much. I asked all of the ISD board: how many years do kids go to school from when they are referred to as kids to the point in which they become adults? 13 years, correct?When they finish High School, how many students actually know what school they will attend, or what major they want to be?I work at of a nail salon in Frisco, and a large group of high school students will visit my shop. I also have a daughter who is a student at Centennial High School. My daughter and I did some Research among most of the High School students who've come to the salon at which I work. When I asked each student about college, or their future in a university plans after High School graduation, they all seemed to sing the same song: "I don't know". Some say, "I'm going to go to college but I don't know what to take yet", others say "I may go to a community college, but I don't know what to take", some may say "I'm not going because I have restaurant job", and some students already have their own children to look after. How are students supposed to become successful when they have graduated out of High School and they haven't got a clue about their future? The percentage of knowledge on the real world is astonishingly low. This is a the note to the ISD board. 13 years in school and most children do not have enough information or any clue at all really, of what they want to do. Most children are standing on a three way street, confused. To make myself clear, from my surveys, about 60% to 70% kids do not know what to do when they finish High School. The biggest issue regarding the American school system is that we spend too much money on education for our youth to not receive enough help. I wonder why nobody has yet to address this issue sooner. I figured that many people are aware of this issue, but no one wants to do anything about it. Now, we trying to do something about it. If the education system is not working well, time is needed to change it. We are in need of an advisory class across all American school systems in the future. But for now I am asking for the change to start in just Frisco ISD. If I have a chance to make a change, I'd like to ask the Frisco ISD Board to add one more subject to high schools, particular for three grades: (9th,10th and 11th grades specifically), the subject is called Advisory. What this means:The placement of an advisory class means that Frisco ISD will need to hire one professor or teacher for each school. Advisory: The advisory teacher's job is to research all school across America from community College to Universities, from public schools to private schools and tell our students as much as we can about their desired school, including the financial aid system. The most important aspect being to make sure the student completely understands the school system. 1st example:If a student wants to go to UCLA law School they will need a certain GPA when they leave High School. If the student can maintain the specific GPA there is a high chance that he/she will receive money for school at least the first year- and if things go well, through their first 4 years. This could save students and their families $80,000-$200,000 a year.If the student can not maintain the GPA height requested, he/she may need student loans, or to find a scholarship.It is important that student can learn about these opportunities. 2nd example:Advisory teachers will help students in looking into what is the best route for a career they are interested in: whether they want to be a doctor, lawyer, designer, etc.. Furthermore, it will aid them in deciding the school that they will most benefit from with their chosen major. During the time in advisory teacher students will learn these things and will be encouraged to work hard for them to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve. They will have time to strive to bring their GPA higher, become serious about their future. A key component of an advisory teacher is that he needs to tell students about financial aid options. Student loans add up and will ultimately be a pain to pay off in the future: (with interest, etc) Most students do not fully comprehend the intensity of paying back student loans and it is an advisory teacher's job to guide them through that information. If your student wants to be a doctor or who wants to be lawyer or who wants to be an engineer: they need to learn the steps it takes to get there. Even if they will pay attention to 10% of what they are taught, they will be learning so much more about how to better their future. However, I strongly believe that the kids will listen. I believe they can turn America around. I also believe that if students are more educated and aided, the crime rates will decrease, which will lead to less money going into criminal issues. ISD financial aid: If financial aid money is lacking it may be necessary to adds a couple dollars in taxes in order to provide better education for the future leaders of America. Thank you to the board for listening. Please consider my idea for the children of America and help them achieve a great future. I know that we have counselors, and I have spoken to several counselors and teachers in the past fifteen years about this, but they just have so much to handle that some issues are being left behind and i thoroughly believe that with the addition of this advisory class, students will be receiving 110% knowledge out of school. I need your support for our children in the future if you think what I have proposed is right.To support me and the future of our country, I need your signature, email address, and phone number. Thank you.   Very sincerely, Chris Nguyen Email address: Written May 5, 2016 *By signing this petition you are pledging to support Chris in his attempt to change the National Education System.  

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