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Cineworld please provide adult sized changing tables and hoists in your new cinema(s).

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Cineworld is one of the UK’s largest cinema chains and has 221 cinemas across Europe providing over 2,000 screens.

Visiting a cinema to watch a movie is one of the few activities which all members of society can partake in regardless of any disability thanks to wheelchair spaces, audio descriptions, subtitles etc.  However, unless cinemas provide fully accessible toilets they are still not accessible to those customers who require a little more help when using a toilet as a standard disabled toilet is not usable by many people.

  • Without an adult sized changing table, many disabled children & young people are having to endure laying on the dirty toilet floor to have their continence needs met, this is not only unhygienic but is also degrading and upsetting for those people.
  • Without a hoist disabled young people and adults are unable to be lifted from their wheelchair to access the toilet (or changing table if one was provided) and are therefore having to wear nappies/pads and relieve themselves in those during a movie if they wish to visit the cinema.  This may sound like an acceptable solution but it is humiliating for anyone to sit in their own mess knowing that those around them may be fully aware of this due to the smell.  We wouldn’t expect a baby to sit in their own mess so it seems entirely unreasonable to expect an adult to.

Cineworld are planning to build various new cinemas including one in Burgess Hill where many local people have requested they provide fully accessible toilet facilities within this new build but have so far refused their requests going as far as to suggest customers visit their Brighton cinema and using a suitable facility over 1 mile away (This was recently covered on Channel 4 - you can watch here)

People across the UK have requested they provide these facilities in new and existing cinema sites but Cineworld refuse.

Cineworld have responded to these requests stating that they are not required to provide these facilities under current building regulations or best practice guidance. They fail to acknowledge that British Standard 8300:2009 recommends that Changing Places toilets should be provided in larger buildings and complexes – cinema’s fall under these guidelines. Read full guidelines

In a statement to Channel 4 recently Cineworld said that “the cinema industry do not generally provide these facilities” We say this is an opportunity to break the mould and provide the facilities that over ¼ million people need (that figure is very conservative by the way) – just because no one else is doing it doesn’t mean Cineworld shouldn’t do it.

There is an opportunity to provide these facilities in a building which currently hasn’t even been built, which would mean there are no structural adjustments to be made.

The space required for a full sized Changing Places toilet is 12m2 – most Cineworld cinemas have large foyers which is simply wasted space which could easily house this facility so we know space is not an issue. 

The facility would cost between £6,000-10,000 – In the 6 months to June 2016 Cineworld reported pre-tax profits of £30.6m.  So, cost doesn’t look like an issue either!

Which makes us wonder why exactly peoples requests for reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010 are being refused when their website states they are “committed to offering maximum accessibility and we strive to provide facilities that meet the requirements of all our customers”

Our message to Cineworld is simple:

Please don’t exclude the people who want to come to your cinemas, watch a movie and eat some popcorn with friends and family.  They have money they want to spend with you, please let them do that by providing a toilet they can use.  You are planning to provide toilets for everyone else, so please provide for them as well as your website promises.

We hope Cineworld will change their stance on this once they see how many people really want them to make this change.  Thanks for your support.

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