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Justice For Maya - Beyhadh

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As always in a TV show, people have many different views about the main lead. However in Beyhadh, one opinion that is shared unanimously is that Maya Arjun Sharma (née Mehrotra) was one of the best written characters to be on TV with more layers than had ever been seen before. From being vulnerable in front of her abusive father, being a formidable boss, the perfect wife, to killing her father and a number of others, she's done it all.

She is probably the most loved grey character due to her innocence, cunning plans and limitless love for Arjun. Maya is currently in jail, and has been for almost 3 weeks. The jailor hates her for no apparent reason, and tortures her more than the other prisoners. The majority of her scenes are either her crying or just sitting and saying dialogues. Meanwhile, Saanjh has been gearing up for a lavish wedding.

Recently Maya's character has been sidelined and the supporting actress (Saanjh) had been made the main character. This is evident to anybody who has watched the last 10-15 episodes as Maya gets only an average 6 minutes of screenspace. Saanjh who was originally Arjun's best friend is now getting married to him! This is unfair for the viewers who had expected something different from this show. As a result TRP's are falling and views on YouTube are drastically decreasing.

Maya has suffered a lot throughout her life so, although some of her actions are extreme (such as attempting to kill her mother), they are justified. She is not negative, as was proved in episode number 240, and would not harm anybody unless provoked. Maya is compassionate and caring but her only weakness is her love for Arjun. She also has mental health issues making her emotionally unstable at times. All that she ever asked for was Arjun's love. Till the time he loved Maya, she was the perfect wife. As he started drifting away from her towards Saanjh, Maya began to feel insecure.

Saanjh on the other hand is shown to be very positive however this is not the case. She repeatedly interfered in Arjun and Maya's marriage resulting in their divorce.

Instead of making Maya more and more negative and trying to show Saanjh as positive, if the writers made Maya get better, the show would be much more interesting. After all her sufferings, Maya deserves a redemption track followed by her living happily and independently. She deserves a happy ending after all the problems and hardships she's faced through her life. Maya deserves justice.

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