Kharghar Hills are burnt , Thousands of trees destroyed! We demand action to stop it.

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You are aware of various incidents of Fire on Kharghar hills that  have been reported in recent months. Thousands of trees are burnt in these incidents. Ecology is interrupted, air pollution increases and massive resources of Cidco as well as forest department are wasted to try control these fires.

We have also noticed there are no reported fire incidents on the other entrance to the Kharghar hills that is near Science Park Metro Station.   It is no coincidence that the area is having 24 hour manned entry gate operated by Cidco. Presence of barrier along with security guards is making that difference.

As citizens of Kharghar, we request you to help with followings with urgency -

1)      Kindly install the similar barrier with security guard at

a)      Ai Mata temple entrance to hills

b)      Driving range entrance to hills

2)      Kindly install CCTV cameras at both barriers

3)      Kindly install the Notice board  with the Dos , Don’t and penalty if someone is found guilty of causing the fire,  at various entry points on the hills

We as citizens will create more awareness among locals and tribes however we request Cidco & Forest department to take above request at urgent priority so that destruction of ecology can be stopped on and around Kharghar hills.

Following media reports are just some of them that show the amount of destruction.


 Nov 12 , 2017 Massive fire breaks out at Kharghar hills (sector 35)


Feb 2, 2018  Another fire breaks out at Kharghar hills (behind Saraswati College ), second blaze in three months              


 Apr 24, 2018  Navi Mumbai’s Kharghar loses 100 trees, locals allege sabotage

Please act now and save our hills.