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MY primary objective is to liberate my children, from this criminal domestic violence's abuse, and that no fathers or mothers being inflicted this mindless, malice's behavior..[ and YES] THE CHURCH cover up my ex- wife ADULTERY,FORNICATION WHILE we were living as husband and wife. by her own, admission she reply ( YES i,cheated on you with Michael Alexander Jones,he is 20 years old..and  what you going to do about it, you have no money to fight me in court,{ i was beyond belief }  FOR so many years i, being asking her what your doing, with the children's MONEY,{ WHY R.G.E. SHUT THE LIGHTS, OFF} { WHY YOU $3,300.00 dollar behind on the R.G.E BILL.. i'M giving you my money I, contribute with the bills the mortgage, house insurance, three vehicles insurance on my name. plus my truck payments, plus GAS MONEY,, Q. AFTER QUESTION; WHAT- YOU doing WITH THE CHILDREN'S, S.S.I. INCOME TELL ME WHERE THE MONEY IS GOING, WHAT GOING ON, HER REPLY IS NOT YOU [ F] BUSINESS,she became in RAGE AND ANGER IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN'S INFLICTING FEAR ON ALL OF US, she became very aggressively.. domestic,violence as a pattern of abusive behavior in any relation ship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain, power and control over another intimate partners.domestic,violence can be sexual, emotional, economic,or physiological,actions or threats of action that influence another person.this includes any behaviors that intimidate, manipulate,humiliate, isolate, fighter, terrorize, coerce, threaten, blame, hurt, injure, or wounds someone..[PHYSICAL ABUSE] hitting,slapping,she punching me i, the husband on my mouth knocking out my tooth, this incident took place, inside the truck she was so angry, because i, call bishop BAILEY the presiding bishop at 16 Helena st Rochester NY 14605 church, he pass away,two days after i talk to him, he tell me to bring her to my house, because he wanted to ask her what she was doing with the children's S.S.I. INCOME.. and her income...[ EMOTIONAL,ABUSE] UNDERMINING AN INDIVIDUAL's sense of, self-worth and-or self -esteem is abusive, this may included, but is not limited to constant, criticism,diminishing one's ability's , and name- calling, or damaging one's relationship with his children's...[ ECONOMIC, ABUSE] total control over financial, resources, withholding one's access to money, or for bidding one's attendance at school or employment...[ PSYCHOLOGICAL,ABUSE] elements of psychological abuse, included- but are not limited to- causing, FEAR by intimidation; THREATENING,PHYSICAL HARM,to self partner, CHILDREN, or partner's FAMILY or friend's destruction of pets and property; and FORCING, ISOLATION FROM FAMILY, AND FRIENDS OR SCHOOL, AND\ OR WORK ... [ I,AM A FATHER, ALL I, WANTED TO LIVE IN PEACE AND HARMONY, WITH MY LOVING CHILDREN IN MY HOUSE, the house that BISHOP BAILEY SOLD TO ME.. my life and my children life has been turned upside-down by this perpetrators..[ GEICO CAR INSURANCE , violation allowing my EX-WIFE to register, her car with my policy i, did not give her any authorization or any geico representative, i, have a pass word, only i, knowing this pass word, they are in violation of my privacy-act... ]  MY CHILDREN AND I, WE WAS  SUBJECTS, TO A EXPERIMENT, WE WAS THE GUINEA PIGS, THE WEAKEST LINK, A TRAP, A CONSPIRACIES TO STEAL, MY CHILDREN INHERITANCE.. what mother turns against her own children, she use my step daughter, to bully my children, to use physical, abuse, on my daughter and my sons and my litter girl, EX-WIFE TURN THE  CHILDREN   AGAINST EACH OTHER WITH HER BOY FRIEND, HER LOVER MICHAEL ALEXANDER JONES, HE WAS A MEMBER OF THE 16 Helena st Rochester NY 14605... EX-WIFE USE MY STEP SON her manipulating ways, she send him for me to sign papers of the life insurance for her to be the owner of my life insurance policy, i did not know what she was planning, this is a plot between her and her boyfriend..i, did not sign on my own accord, i found out later for weeks that GEN WORTH,life insurance company did not call me or send me,,

  • any mail regard, to the payment status, so i call the insurance, they tell me that i no longer the owner of the life insurance, that my wife was the owner i tell them no absolutely, not she the beneficiary and my children, i did not sign, she trick me using my step-son, she committed fraud, all this start went someone went into my checking account and caused an overdraft, my ex-wife tell me to put the life insurance on her account so i did trust in her, she was not happy with $250,000 life insurance she wanted more so i went and get another, $250,000 life insurance, she even asked me to give her my social security, income that she give me allowance and pay my truck, i tell her why would i do that and what is the purpose, she tell me because the husband at the church give there wife the social security check,if i would give her my S.S.A. income check i be homeless, it all a plot.. THE PLOT was first to get rid of i, the husband get out of the house at all cost, so her lover move into my house this is what we call CRIMINAL,DOMESTIC VIOLENCE...  SHE HAVE BECOME SO, violence against the kids[ what makes a mother to turn against her own children? this is call  [ MALICIOUS MOTHER SYNDROME.. ][ let not forget, i am a FATHER, i'm fighting for the integrity, and provide safety, and a healthy home, a place of REFUGE for all my  children ] ... my children and i, we was chosen,as a [experiment, subjects,] [ as the weakest, link ] the genies pigs, [ the plot...]  THIS IS THE CONSPIRACY,TO DEFRAUDER BY FALSE REPRESENTATION, THEFT... EX- WIFE ASSAULT MY DAUGHTER BEAT HER UP WITH A BELT, THE REASON BECAUSE MY DAUGHTER  TELL ME DADDY mama let JEFFREY drive the SUV on the street... Jeffrey  did not have a permit  or license at that time,, so i, confronted,her ask e-wife why you let the boy drive with no permit, EX-WIFE GETS ANGRY, SHE TELL MY DAUGHTER, THERE ARE THING YOU FATHER MUSH NOT KNOW..] on 2009 she, my EX-WIFE BEAT UP MY DAUGHTER, reason BECAUSE WE FALLOW HER TO TOWNSEND ST BY NORTON AVE, MY WIFE WAS KISSING HIM, HER LOVER MICHAEL ALEXANDER JONES, SHE WAS GIVING HIM A DINNER PLATE,TO MICHAEL ALEXANDER JONES, HER LOVER, we was still living as husband and wife..[ my daughter, was with me inside my 1985 Saab we seeing ex-wife kissing, Michael Alexander Jones, he tell my wife look you husband fallow-you, this is the event, my wife put the SUV ford expedition on reveres, she see my daughter inside my car my wife tell my daughter i,see you Lucy am going to GET YOU LUCY, my Daughter was in FEAR THAT HER MOTHER WAS GOING TO BEAT HER, SO WE DROVE OFF AS SOME AS POSSIBLE MY DAUGHTER AND I,ARRIVE FIRST AT the HOUSE at 41 Harris st Rochester n.y. 14605,] this is the event i tell my daughter get in the house, and do not SAY anything to you mother, WELL, THAT DID NOT STOP MY WIFE FROM BEATING UP MY DAUGHTER, MY DAUGHTER WAS, laying, down on the sofa watching cartoons on T.V. that went my wife pick up my daughter by the shirt lifted her up with her mighty strength, and slamming her against the wall, in the living room, telling my daughter,what's up what's up why you and your father fallow me, i,am the bread and water of this family, my daughter was gasping for air, she was in so mush fear and terrified, for her  mother,, BEHAVIOR the physical ABUSE,[ MY WIFE HAVE INFLICTED,MY DAUGHTER WAS, TRAUMATIZED...[ so my wife turn her attention to my step- daughter, giving her authorization, in simple words to BULLY MY CHILDREN, SHE BECAME, AGGRESSIVE TO my children, my step-daughter beat -up my son punch him on the EYE, giving him a black,eye.. just because my step daughter was on the BOYS ROOM, on the computer looking at her  e-mail my son tell her you have to leave the room i, have to get dress to go to school, an argument broke down, i ask my son what happen, he tell me she punch me in the eye dad, my step son was witness, he saw what happened,so i ask my step daughter, why you done this she reply, why mama don't take me shopping, on my birth day why she buying closed and shoes for herself and not me, i tell her but you can go around beating up you brothers and sister stop BULLYING AND FIGHTING, i ask her what really going on, she did not comply..] [ then my step- daughter, BULLING my daughter Lucy, she beat her up, the reason because my step- daughter wanted to used the computer to look at her E-MAIL, my daughter, Lucy was play games on the computer,so my step daughter BULLY HER SELF against my YOUNGEST daughter, [ to establish dominance against my children,, this is a well orchestrated, abuse that my wife and her BOY-FRIEND-HER LOVER HAVE, ESTABLISH, DOMINANCE OVER the CHILDREN,, to steal   my children INHERITANCE... just to name a few,, THE LIFE INSURANCE...THE HOUSE... THE HOME EQUITY... THE S.S.I. INCOME FROM THE CHILDREN... MY S.S.A. INCOME.. SHE IS AT THIS TIME RECEIVING, S.S.I. INCOME FOR HER SELF..[ NOW THE ??QUESTION, I, BEEN ASKING HER ALL THIS YEARS, what's your doing with the children, MONEY,WHEY'S GOING ON IF SOMEONE THREATENING YOU, DOSE ANY ONE HAVE SOMETHING AGAINST YOU, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU DOING WITH THE MONEY, PLEASE TALK TO ME,, SHE REPLY IN ANGER, IN RAGE, with a screaming, in a loud voice, to inflict FEAR, on me and the children.. on 2010 we get into a argument, about the money, she call all the 6 children telling them to come to BEAT ME UP telling we can take him, she reply i , want to get him out of my house.. only my step- son Jeffrey, and my step-daughter, came down, from up, stairs... my step-son Jeffrey tell me don't worry daddy am here to make sure mama,wont hurt you,] [ but the truth of the matter was that he can not help me he was afraid, of his mother aggressive behavior,][ she was pushing me kicking, punching me, in front of step-son and my step-daughter, all i, did trying to get away from physical abusive behavior, i walk away from her she fallow me from the living room to the kitchen to the guess room, and back to the dining room, and she still pursuing me, with the vase, ready to hit me on my head with antique porcelain vase that i, buy for her birthday,,  so my last place of refuge was the basement, so i, lock the basement door so she can not pursue me anymore,with physical , and verbal name calling  abuse, she even reply if you don't leave my house i"m going to call two BIG guys from the church to get you out of my house.. so she tell my step-son Jeffrey to call the police on me, i tell my son not to call the police,son[ she tell him he's not you father don't listen to him his not you father, with a loud voice, inflicting fear on the BOY,] so he call the police, two young police officers came in wearing masks the weather was cold that day, so she tell the officers, that i, was causing trouble in this family, that she was king enough to let me stay in the house because we was divorce, she was doing all the talking to the police officers, i was not allowed to speak, in my defense,[ she orchestrated the abuse she inflict on me and the children] so the police officer make a remark,we have a constable jail house room to spend the night in,[ well she thought that was funny ] eventually the police officers leave my house..[she was establish fear, total control over US] [THE 35th PRESIDENT,JOHN .F. KENNEDY, SAY TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE,,] [ THERE'S A PLOT IN THIS, COUNTRY TO ENSLAVE EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD. BEFORE I, LEAVE THIS HIGH AND NOBLE OFFICE, I INTEND TO EXPOSE THIS PLOT, but his life was taking, in November,22,1963, one of the most beloved president WE EVER HAVE...MAN AND WOMAN, WITH INTEGRITY, AND DEVOTION, IN THE EYES OF GOD..] THIS IS WHAT I,AM FIGHTING FOR,RESTORATION, RESTITUTION, COMPENSATION,[ this is nothing more than a conspiracy, to defraud, fraud by false representation, theft, to steal MY CHILDREN'S , INHERITANCES] 
  • the true of the matter is that we are living, in a old [ status quo]  we  need to  stand, by human integrity.. [ there are MOTHER that harmed their own children to gain sympathies for themselves, they fabricate an illness or injury to someone, in their care to elicit, sympathy for themselves..] [ the sequence of events, that she,my wife prefabricated, orchestrated, in playing and simply words the love of money and power] the next sequence of events,that my wife prefabricated, it's beyond belief, she tell me she was going to take my son Mario to the dentist, at EASTMAN DENTAL] [
  • she tell the dentist to removed the front top[ BABY] teeth from my son Mario, for some reason the medication have no reaction, to my son [ to numb the area where the tooth was removed ] [ my son tell that her mother tell the dentist to tie his hand so he does't struggle,]  [he told me dad i  was in excruciating, pain] why mama did this to me dad, my son tell me daddy i, was calling for you] i tell my son you mother did wanted me to go with you to the dentist...]  so my son tell me daddy they tie me down on the dentist table, they hold me i,[ was struggling, i wanted to go home, daddy] why mama hurt me, why she let them this to me,] now i know why she submitted my son to this agony of pain..] because she wanted to submitted my to S.S.I. BENEFITS, BECAUSE SHE WANTED EASY MONEY, AT THE EXPENSE OF MY CHILDREN'S, and I..] AND YES THE CHURCH IS PART- TAKERS, OF THIS PLOT,,  THIS IS A CONSPIRACY,, WE  was SUBJECT TO AN EXPERIMENT, WE WAS USE AS THE GUINEA  PIGS,, THE WEAKEST LINK, FOR HER, AND HER BOY FRIEND OWN AMUSEMENT,, [THIS IS BLACKMAIL] BUT THE question remain, what she was doing with, the children, S.I.S  AND S.I.S INCOME, I ASK HER IN MANY OCCASION, BURST INTO ANGER AND RAGE, REPLY[ IS NOT YOUR ] [ F ] BUSINESS WHAT I, DO with kids, money and my money, and my money, i tell her we are marry, as husband and wife,we not supposed to keep secrets in this family, who are you giving the money to,, she burst, in anger, she reply, is not your[F] BUSINESS, WHAT I DO WITH THE MONEY, SHUT YOUR MOUTH BEFORE I, HIT YOU..] [ SHE REPLY, IF YOU dare to TAKE ME TO COURT, i, say that YOU MOLESTED MY DAUGHTER,] [ I, TELL HER NOW I'AM TAKING YOU TO COURT, AND REPORT YOU TO THE SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE, FOR ABUSING THE CHILDREN MONEY AND MY MONEY... ]  SHE AND HER LOVER Michael Alexander Jones MANIPULATES US, they established, this evil inquisition against my children and i, as the father, she and her lover Michael Alexander Jones, wanted me as the father out of the house at all cost.. she and Michael wanted my son,  out of the HOUSE, my son call me on the cell -phone, he tell me, daddy, mama cursed me out of the house so i leave the house, because, they gang-up on me ] [ mama tell his step sister, to get the knife she put the knife on the table push it to her mother. ] he tell me he  was  afraid so he run out the house,, so i drive to pick up my son, i found him walking down st Paul st it was on November it was a very, cold day, so i, take him back to his mother, 41 Harris st  but he refuse to get out of my car, he saying, i'am not going back to the house, so his mother, approached my car, under her arms she have my son DOG and she reply with anger and here you dog to,, take it, out of my house, i tell her i'am here for you to take my son back but she refuse to take my son back to the house.. so i, went to court and the judge gave me custody of my son.. [ [ after she was done with my son, DEMIER ] [she turn against her own son Jeffry, you see Michael Alexander Jones her lover, wanted the older children out of the way out the house,, you see he was declare HIMSELF ownership of my children's inheritance, at all cost..][ this is nothing more than a conspiracy, a plot, an a experiment, we was chosen as the guinea pigs, as the weakest link ..] SO, MY STEP- SON JEFFRY, CALL ME, ASKING ME DADDY CAN I, COME AND LIVE IN YOU HOUSE,I WAS RENTING AT 10 FERN ST AT THAT TIME,, I, ASK HIM WHAT'S THE PROBLEM ,, he tell me because, mama want me to give her my college money, i do give her some money daddy,but she wanted all, i tell her i need to buy supply's for college, at M.C.C,, BUT SHE  GET ANGRY AND CURSES ME OUT, WHY MAMA ACTING, THIS WAY ] [ WHAT GOING ON, MY step-son  ask her what you doing with our, S.S.I. INCOME CHECK she get angry at my son, telling him to get out of the house, he tell me please daddy come and pick me up, because Michael is behind this plot, [ before i, cut his throat if he try to hurt me] [ i, tell my son no,no do not engage yourself in anger and violence, that exactly what they want you to do, so they will call the police on you,, so after i, heart what my son told me, i tell him to pick up his belongings, and move with me and demier, so i, pick my son at 41 Harris st , inside the car he was telling me, mama has turn against us,, i, tell him that Michael and the church , have a secret to protect her, they blackmail her, i believe something is going on son][  he tell me what she doing with, the kids money, we getting, poor, daddy,, why she turn against me, i,am her son ] [ he tell me, that his mother tell lattoria, his sister, to act crazy and retarded, so she can continued, received s.s.i. income,went she take her for re certification,evaluation . ] [ one time i, ask my step- daughter went was the last time,  you mother giving you a HUG AND A KISS, AND TELL YOU SHE LOVE YOU,OR SAYING GOOD MORNING KIDS.] [ SHE REPLY i, can remember because she never have, i ask her the reason i , ask you because i, never see her with my own eyes, at any giving time or date..]
  • [i, ask my son ,DEMIER, my daughter Lucy , and my step-son Jeffry the same question; can you all remember went was the last time you mother, ever, HUG  AND KISS YOU AND SAYING GOOD MORNING KIDS, THE KIDS TELL ME DADDY, NOW that you ask us,  she never have, she was all way out of the house, talking on the phone, daddy you was the one taking care of us, cooking, doing laundry, paying BILL, taking us to school, and M.C.C COLLEGE, ] [THE KIDS ASK ME, IN MANY OCCASIONS, why mama keep moving,to ALABAMA, AND FROM ALABAMA  BACK TO Rochester, to many time she's be doing this, it's effecting our education, it's affecting our finances, my son Jeffry ask me what going on daddy,, why she is behaving this way,, i tell him, i have confront her in many occasion, in regard to her behavior, but she burst in anger, it have to be her way and her way only] [ i, tell my step-son i, have  confront her, in  many occasion asking her. ? WHAT YOU DOING With the children, money, and WHY you neglecting, the children's,] 
  •  another, incident took place in ELBA, ALABAMA,  i, can remember the year and the month, my wife at that we was still married, for some reason she decide, to drive to Elba, Alabama with the children's for some reason she did not wanted me, as her husband to go with her and my children's.. went they return back to Rochester,n.y. my son Jeffry tell me,[ daddy i, have something to tell you, i say o.k. what's the problem son, he tell me i almost got killed by a bullet, i fill the bullet went it passed by my side of my head, i saying to my son what happen, he tell me we was playing, Lucy, Mario, maria with other kids, went some one starts shooting a gun, and all the kids start, ruining for safety, so i, ask him where was you mother, he tell me i didn't know, i didn't see her around,, so i, ask my son where this incident take place, he tell me at Jackie beauty salon  at Jones st,] [ my step-son tell me,] please daddy do not tell mama that, i tell you about what happens, in ELBA, ALABAMA, IN JONES ST, because she will curse me out and yelling, at me and tell me there are thing you daddy not supposed to know,] [ coercive] at the children's, ] [ my ex-wife, with the help of her lover, Michael Alexander Jones, all-so with  the help some members, of the church  16 Helena st Rochester n.y. they have perpetrated my children mine, by inflicting, fear,] [she telling the children's there are things you father, much not know] [ scare, tactics''] [ this is nothing more to dig our,, 
  • own grave, this is nothing more than'' criminal domestic violence, this nothing more than '' proliferation'' ? what make a mother to turn against her own children's and her husband.. and her family..?] [ ? what is the secret,that the church and her lover holds against the wife..] [ ? what cause a mother, to conspire against the husband and the children] [ ? what turn a mother to get in RAGE, AND ANGER, went we ask her ? what you doing with the children money,] [? what going on, please tell us, if someone black-mailing -you- please talk to us this is you family, this abuse being going on- and on- for to many, years[ but she burst in anger, rage, we was afraid, we have right's to question her, abuse behavior..]          
  •  please to all member, of have no sympathy for i, as a father] [ but have sympathy for children, as i, write this petition, i'm begging you to help me get justice, for my children. ] [ and yes, public defender  have committed ] [ obstruction of justice, ]they have submitted my children to a life, of slavery, they used the status of limitation, for their own amusement] [ to infiltrate the course of justice, to deviate from the truth the fats, and the actualities] [ and yes, the wife and her perpetrators they are sitting in a gold mine] [ yes, we was the gold mine]  [ the title to this evil- inquisition is the perfect,[ ''TRAP'' ][ by her own admission,, she-my wife went we was married, as husband, and wife,][ she and her lover Michael Alexander Jones, violated the children's innocence, with the help of some members of the church ; this is nothing more than a hate crime, to me as a father and to my children..
  • ? what kind of mother sent a nine years old girl to pump gasoline on her car wile she seats inside the car texting, ex- wife did not supervise my daughter,while she was pumping gas on her mother car] [ i, told  my daughter in many occasion, to set herself free from this slavery, tell the judge the the truth, liberate yourself from this abusive behavior that you mother, and Michael is inflicting on you and you brother's and sister's ] we was nothing more than a amusement,,] [ ex- wife used my step- daughter to bully my children, telling you daddy is no longer here at this house to protect you and you brother and sister..] [ ex- wife use the children to turn against each other's ] [ my ex-wife mother miss hill, told my daughter- Lucy you mother is using, you 16th birthday, so you have to take care of brothers and sister, wild you mother run's around with so- called friends] and the question remains what she was doing with the children's money, ] 
  • at this moment, i going to stop ; but there is more of this abusive behavior,]all i, wanted to live  in peace with my loving children's to enjoy they laughter, to see them grow, to teach them what's is right what is wrong       
  • all this come to one conclusion to steal my children's inheritance
  • i, cannot remain silent, because what they done to me, they will do to my children's and daughter's.. 
  • they will do to other's father's and mother's and children's in society, they will prey on you kindness, on you humbleness, but the most important you have faith in GOD...   
  •                                  COMPENSATION
  • what, kind of mother told the children's that people that hurt you is because they love you.. in other words when she inflicting, fear, and physical, abuse is alright because she love you..] [ we have received too much punishment too much affliction, we have received too much persecution]  [ at this moment as i, speak she ex- wife and her lover, or husband if they married by now, they brainwashing my children, just to get upper hand] [ today is Thursday April 19, 2018 time- 11;11 am i, have not heart from my daughter, for three days, she always call me to taker it to school or pick her up from school or take her to her part-time, job and pick her up from her job to her home, is her mother turning the children's against me] [ i, am the father... i'm a father and i will not remain silent- i have to protect the integrity and the well- being of my children...   
  • it' all about gaining power over others, to steal the father's and the children's inheritance
  •  THIS IS THE WAY WIFE, represent herself with this criminal domestic violence
















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