Please(1)Help to raise bottle refund to 25 cents.(2)Step forward to reduce hot car deaths.

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My petition has 2 parts.

Part-1 “Environment” and Part-2 “Community”. 

 Part-1 =Environment:

Deals with a tiny step to address Environment, and reduce Plastic waste sent to landfill or Ocean.

The plastic bottles pile up to garbage due to

(1)       Bottle machines only take selected brands and rejected brands are not accepted at supermarket counter.

(2)       On several instances, the bottles are placed in garbage bag intentionally as it just a 5 cents or are thrown out a running vehicles.

The above needs to be stopped by

(a) Raising a suggested bottle refund to $25 cents will control plastic waste and will help those, who collect bottles and clean our community.

(b) The brands not accepted on machine could be accepted at customer service with at least refund of 5 Cents.



Hot car deaths are serious community issue. In order to control this matter, we need to place a Sticker in each car for “not leaving kids or home animals in car with window glasses closed”, or some other kind of reminder.
The sticker may be issued from Motor Vehicle department along with any registration renewals.

Both matters may need some kind of legislation. Please take necessary steps. Thanks