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Adopt, don't shop! Let's put an end to puppy mills!

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Are you aware of the inhumane treatment of innocent puppies in puppy mills? The puppies are neglected, poorly treated and fed with contaminated food and water. The mothers are constantly bred, litter after litter, without time to recover. Once the mothers can no longer breed, they are killed. However, the puppy mill owners don't want to spend money on putting the dog to sleep humanely. Instead, the workers will shoot, drown, beat, bury alive, or even starve the dog to death. No animal, good or bad, purebred or not, should ever have to endure that.

The problem lies with the breeders. They care more about the money than the puppies themselves. They cram the puppies into small cages, leaving them with no room to exercise or play. They are rarely let out of their cages. The workers scarcely clean the food and water, leaving it filled with algae, urine, feces, maggots and more. Although the puppies eventually make it to stores and homes, the mothers spend their entire lives in these horrendous conditions.

Help us put an end to puppy mills in New York State. Sign our petition today!


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