I don't want the big bang theory show to end now

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Sheldon was most different character any sitcom would ever have! Sheldon was someone to look up for peoples suffuring from autism or obsessive compulsive disorder, for those people who were not able to mix with pop and only had interests in rules and education and sceince and mostly nerd stuff! SHELDON WAS A NERD HERO! PEOPLE!
JIM Isn't that hero, he started this ending decision! Sing up with us to prove that JIM PARSONS was wrong with this decision of his! Sing up with us to prove that JIM PARSONS can't decide on his own, we only want 'Sheldon character', JIM PARSONS can leave if he's got problem with our wishes, we can always get new actors, but not characters!
I don't know if we all are just being selfish and doesn't trust Warner Bros. or JIM or CHUCK or BILL, i don't know, but this is too soon for it to call an end!