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Stop Charging Artists

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I'm Michael, and I'm in a band called Archery Guild. We like to play shows.

MTL Blog contacted me to promote the Archery Guild show on January 10, 2014. They asked for a bunch of info and if it was ok for them to cover it. I said yes. The requirements were for me to pay before the event. Nothing was signed or agreed, but they still arrived.


The photos they ended up posting were mostly of the audience. The photos of our band they have all taken down except for one... which is really the least of my concern right now.


MTL Blog has been contacting me every month with a new invoice and a monthly interest. They have continued to send invoices. Here is my response:



As this bill continues to grow with GST and QST, this gets harder for me to manage enough money to pay. Our band is a group of literally starving artists.


Although you're posting as a blog, you're not. You're a PR service. In the criteria, you stated that payment must be made before the event. I didn't pay before the event, and I didn't sign anything saying that I would. This is why I'm wondering what gives you the leverage to add interest and tax. If there were a contract, it would be a different story. There was no contract, this was your responsibility.


A fair amount of time has passed since Archery Guild put on this show that you asked us to cover. You asked us to share via your official Facebook and Twitter channels the next day. We did. You also said "We will not accept to cover any party/club events under 150 attendees." The Sala Rossa was sold out. We didn't cancel, although your cancellation fees are pretty ridiculous which makes me think that you're not even paying the photographer. You're in fact, monopolizing on independent artists who are trying to make it in the city. We continue to struggle while you get the paycheques.


I did ask in our previous correspondence how you could receive payment, and did tell you that I was struggling to find the money. However, you have persisted and added interest. I'm frustrated because you are a "blog" that's pushing me to pay you. You're not a bank, these are not student loans. You want me to pay for a show I put on, that I have already put money, time and effort towards. The people who deserved to be paid (and who were) at the show were the artists themselves. If your photographer can contact me, I will pay him. But I will not pay you.


Thank you very much,


Michael Cota

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