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100 million sharks are being killed each year which is causing the species to decline dramatically. More than 2 dozen species of sharks are endangered such as the scalloped hammerhead which has gone down from 155,500 in 1981 to 26,500 in 2005. This issue is important to me because ocean life depends on sharks.  A decrease in shark population could lead to a growth in algae or extinction of small animals such as scallops that rely on sharks to kill their predators. An example of this is the United States East Coast. Along the East Coast black tip and tiger shark populations have gone down immensely which has caused a decline in shellfish numbers. This has led to a reduction of water quality since shellfish filter ocean water. Smaller predator populations have increased and are eating shellfish at an unbelievable pace.

Sharks are also being treated completely unethically. Shark fins are being severed from their backs and sides and are left to suffer on the ships or are thrown back into the water to either die from suffocation or blood loss. This practice is inhumane and a cruel way to end a shark’s life and is leading the shark population to extinction. Since sharks have a low reproductive rate and only birth about 1 to 100 babies every 2 years.

The practice of shark finning is unethical and wasteful has the chance of ruining ocean quality.

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