Medical Cannabis for Chronic Pain Patients

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We are asking you to sign a petition to help all people in Chronic pain. We are a group of chronic pain sufferers that are battling each day with pain. Did you ever have a bad flu, Earache or toothache that you will never forget but it went... that is called nueropathic pain which in layman's terms Nerve pain. So all told whether you had Post herpatic pain ( shingles ) or Persistent nueropathic pain there is no difference they are both nerve pain.  Our pain is relentless, Daily & invisible to the Eye. Last year our Government took Versatis pain patches ( a tool for nueropathic pain) & for some unable to take medication a lifeline .These cost €5 a patch to buy .For people driving to School/ work no risk driving under the new drug testing law.  Now the reduction of Anxicalm, Xanax & no doubt a list to come. Our energy is comparable to 10 teaspoons daily. One = getting up ,  making breakfast, showering etc . Everyday is a battle. Guilt, cancelling appointments with friends & family & still trying to battle on. Sleep deprivation comes with Chronic pain which leaves us tired & in pain. Neverending lists of side effects to medication but not taken medication means everything spirals out of control. Its a vicious circle.    

Medical Cannabis is Ireland has been only offered to 3 groups who deserve it of course people suffering from Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis & Severe vomiting whilst receiving chemotherapy. Why are we always forgotten?. We want it offered to everybody in Chronic Pain. Like every medication it may or may not work but not let us have the option. Most of us are on Opioid's which as we know are not good for us but we have no option. You take pain medication but then there is a stomach tablet to counteract the side effects. Most Chronic pain Sufferer's on  Waiting lists for Public patients to see a Pain Specialist is anything up to 4 years. Its Barbaric. For private patients it gets us in the door faster but paying health insurance, consultants fee's medication & for some are buying versatis on top. Its like two morgages on mostly one wage & disability or invalidity Pension which no way covers our home/ medical & possibly exams in secondary school or worse again college fee's.The financial side of Chronic pain is scary. We are tired of fighting for every little thing. We are struggling daily. Please sign & help us make Medical Cannabis accessible to us. Like every medication it will work for some not for others but we need the CHOICE. Thank you for reading & signing. 

Make Medical  Cannabis  MEDICINE .

All we want is to be treated with Dignity & Give us a trial of what might make all the difference to our lives. Until this happens we  dont know but you do not either Mr. Harris.

This we cannot know until our Government listens to us & helps us. We have nowhere else to turn right now. We hope you see some of the  picture of a chronic pain sufferer... we deserve this chance now. Some of us have exhausted all treatments & need this to change & give us at least a Trial of Medical Cannabis. Why is it legal in some European Countries & not ours.  

Thank you in Advance