Palo Alto Dentists Need Your Help

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  • Palo Alto City Council is considering a reduction in the number of RPP Permits. This will have a direct impact on your access to care in Palo Alto.
  • Many dental offices in our area had trouble purchasing permits for their employees. Permits went on sale March 5th and were sold out in most zones in less than two weeks. Some offices have already moved out of the area due to the lack of parking.
  • Without permits, employees will either park in office lots (reducing spaces for less mobile or handicapped patients) or park on the streets and move their cars every two hours, resulting in increased traffic.
  • The Palo Alto Transportation Staff report, presented at the February 26, 2018 City Council meeting, showed the RPP program has been a success - Average Employee Occupancy (9am - 5pm) has been reduced to 12% or less.
  • However, the City Council is considering reducing the number of available permits by an additional 21.4% (from 1400 to 1100),  increasing the shortage of parking for healthcare employees.
  • Please request the City Council to comply with the Palo Alto Transportation Staff recommendation. Keep the number of permits at 1400.
  • Please create an exemption for Dental/Medical employees to guarantee them the option to purchase RPP permits. Unlike employees in other "community serving businesses", healthcare employees are trained and have the facilities to provide first aid in case of a natural disaster.
  • Many of these dental offices have been an integral part of the neighborhood since the mid-fifties. We would like to continue to provide personalized and local dental care to the 43,000 Palo Alto residents we currently serve.