Reverse the Ontario Government's Decision to Limit Access to Pain Clinics!!

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You have felt it at some point in your life resulting from various reasons. Usually the pain is quick to fade and it is forgotten about. Chronic pain is pain that lasts for an unspecified amount of time but longer than six months. This petition is in response to the Ontario Government's decision to limit and reduce patient access to pain clinics across the province.  Chronic pain has a profound impact on a patient's life.   

Chronic pain is more often than not a pain that over the counter NSAID's like Motrin or Tylenol do not help whatsoever. A patient then begins seeking alternatives that limit the pain and improve their quality of life. Historically, patients have found some relief with opioids such as Morphine and Oxycodone.  With the current opioid crisis in Ontario this is NOT a safe option for anyone.

Pain clinics have arisen because patients need to have a better quality of life with fewer limitations and less pain.  Now, the Premier and Minister of Health have decided to severely limit access to pain clinics.  Many patients require regular injections and cannot have any quality of life without them.  Visits to pain clinics are not like prescriptions where a three month allocation can be dispensed all at one time.  Pain injections must be administered by qualified physicians using medications such as lidocaine, ropivacaine or similiar that have a very limited duration.   Patients across this province are demanding the full reinstatement of their access to pain clinics.

Without pain clinics, the likelihood of addiction, accidental overdose and patient suicide will increase. 

If this doesn't already affect you, please don't wait until it does!!  Speak up for the chronic pain patients in Ontario by telling the Conservative government to rescind the decision to reduce and limit access to pain clinics.  Sign today and advocate for the thousands of patients that need your help in this fight and you may just save a life!