Protect the middle class. End double breasting in Alberta!

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Alberta is the only province in Canada that has a double breasting law that allows a company to have a union side as well as a non union side. This prevents the trade unions from collective bargaining with any leverage. Corporations are making record profits while the middle class suffers with wage rollbacks and losing ground on our contracts to the non union sector. We are told that if we wish to remain competitive with non union that we must lower costs. Meanwhile the bussinesses are making record quartly profits for their shareholders. It’s time to end this union busting propaganda and even the playing field. Please sign and share and spread the word to everyone that you know. If we can get everyone to unite for this cause it will benefit all middle class workers, union and non union alike. Unions are not the enemy of non union workers, just as non union are not the enemy of union workers. We are all trying to provide for our families and the corporations are pitting us against each other. Support the middle class and sign my petition to end double breasting. Also feel free to email, write, or call your local M.P. or the labour minister, Christina Gray and tell them that you wish to support the middle class by ending the double breasting law.

                                Thank you,

                                            Curtis Manning