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This is a hate crime against all people of all faiths

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We petition for NSW Police to find and prosecute this individual under hate crime legislation.

The Gay marriage vote hasn't been made law yet and already Christians are subjected to hatred and abuse.

We are alarmed at the increased amount of hate, vilification and mockery shown regarding our Christian faith.

There is no tolerance and love in seeing our religious iconography, religious images and religious symbols attacked for no other reason than pure spite and hate.

Just this week we've seen the Newtown community openly advocating for religious hatred, hostility and incitement with sacrilegious murals publicly painted and defended as "free speech."

Free speech is, however, being attacked and abused that incite hate against the Christian community.

Now we have sacred statues being destroyed and stolen from and churches.

Imagine if the opposite was to take place?
Murals publicly painted demeaning gay activists or the like. Or gay venues destroyed and attacked. Imagine the outcry.
Why is there silence from the left on such matters?

Please sign this petition to make your feelings known and to have Australian society know we do not accept this continued and sustained incitement against the Christian faith or any faith in Australia.

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