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Keep your hands off our NDIS! No to means testing, capping, or Commonwealth control!


Two years ago, we had to fight to keep the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Today, we're back in the same place.

The Commonwealth has made a bid to seize control of the NDIS - a bid which will see the Federal Government able to cap, means test or reduce funding to the NDIS at any time.   You can read about it here.

We can't allow this to happen.

The NDIS will pay for itself in ten years time and improve participation and productivity in all parts of Australian life for people with disability. 

People are already living in crisis and cannot endure further rationing - people with a disability in Australia are half as likely to be employed as people without a disability, when the OECD average is 60 per cent, ranking Australia 21st out of 29 nations. 45 per cent of people with a disability in Australia live in or near poverty, the worst in the OECD, where the average is 22 per cent.

Implementation of an NDIS will support an additional 370,000 people with disabilities into the workforce by 2050, and an additional 80,000 carers will also be able to enter the workforce as they are freed up from their responsibilities.

We want Malcolm Turnbull and Christian Porter to abandon their move to seize control of the NDIS and to make a commitment to fully support and uphold the scheme by ensuring it is properly funded, resourced, and implemented - and independently governed.  Changes to funding the Scheme will destroy lives and disadvantage millions of already-disadvantaged Australians.

Sign the petition today to tell Malcolm Turnbull and Christian Porter to KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF OUR NDIS!

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