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Thousands of Christian community members in Thane seeking justice to bury their loved ones.

Thane like other cities, is running out of burial space for the Christians , forcing the communities to change funeral practices. Even the Bombay high court said that the Maharashtra government is discriminating against the Christian community living in the city’s by denying them their portion of a composite cemetery in Thane / Mumbai. Many Christian churches which petitioned the Thane municipal commissioner to find out when they will be given possession of their share of the cemetery land, were told that the work at Ghodbunder multi faith cemetery was to start in March 2018 and till date no construction has started and a TMC top officer told TCF that it will take 2 to 3 yrs to complete the cemetery.

Churches in Thane have restricted the practice of buying a permanent grave or reserving a funeral plot for a family and encouraged shroud burials. Graves are being reused and in many case 2 bodies are being buried in one grave and diffrent intervals. Shortage of burial space remains a grave problem. Christians living in Thane & Mumbai stretch have been complaining that there is no public cemetery in their area. The cemeteries at churches in the area, for example in Thane near 3 petrol the cemetery is small and it caters to big chunk of Christian families which is disheartening and injustice to the Christian community. When there is no place for burial the funeral have to be done in Mumbai which is very difficult for the family in pain. The distance, money makes it highly difficult to the family members.

The Christian community has been been regularly demanding a burial place for their loved ones from Thane Muncipal corporation. Its the responsibility of TMC to make adequate arrangements to the striving Christian community.

Even as the Christian community is waiting for the allotment we were told that it will take 2 - 3 yrs for the cemetery to be opened for all multi faith community. We request the government to give us another place for the time being or we go on a hunger strike to claim our right.
We do not know if this is discrimination by Thane Municipal Corporation to the Christian community.