EDMONTON HUMANE SOCIETY- Lift confidentiality agreements concerning Lucky, Magic & Chance!

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According to a statement from the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS), on June 4, 2018 a crew picked up some animals from another shelter on March 27, 2018 and “upon return to Edmonton, during the unloading of the animals, three cats were unknowingly left in the vehicle.”  The cats were not discovered until April 18 - 22 days later - when staff were preparing for another animal transfer.

Then on June 7, 2018 Miranda Jordan-Smith, CEO of the Edmonton Humane Society released a statement that included the following ...

"One of the specific concerns we’ve heard is the need for an investigation. As advocates for stronger animal protection legislation, we recognize there is a need for an impartial body to investigate when such incidents occur at the organizations which enforce animal protection law. We are open to an investigation and the development of a system that will help navigate processes for when these rare instances occur."



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With the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS) now prepared to allow a third party external investigation in regards to the case of Lucky, Magic and Chance, we the undersigned hereby request that the EHS waive their Internal Confidentiality Agreements

a) as they apply to the Individual(s) who found the 3 cats left in the EHS transfer vehicle

b) as they apply to the Medical Team who assessed / cared for Lucky, Magic and Chance.

* * * * * * *

Lifting the Confidentiality Agreements would:

1) allow the Individuals noted in (a) and (b)  to freely discuss and present necessary information to the Third Party Investigators

2) show the Public that the Edmonton Humane Society is making every effort to be transparent in regards to the plight of Lucky, Magic and Chance

3) and enable those forced to participate in the incident, to seek the help of a professional to work through their own trauma

Such a step would also contribute to the Edmonton Humane Society fulfilling its Vision 'to be a model of excellence in the advancement of animal welfare'.