Did the Foreign Office use public money to smear HM Opposition?

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There have been accusations recently that over £2 million of public money has been used in an attempt to discredit HM Opposition,particularly Jeremy Corbyn,leader of the Labour Party.

This is scandalous, and needs investigating.

 There are people who will stop at nothing to stop the Labour Party coming to power, even resorting to dirty tricks such as this.

 The oddly named “Integrity Initiative” have been using money from the public purse to smear the leader of HM Opposition, and give fake links to Russian Intelligence.

The information they have been giving out is not only false, but utterly shocking and dangerous.


I’m going to approach Chris Williamson MP to raise this in Parliament, but we need 100,000 signatures to do so.

If you feel strongly that the Government have many questions to answer in regards to these revelations, could you please sign and share this petition, and share again?

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