Lake Trust Credit Union Members & their families supporting feral cats

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Dear Mr. Melfi, 

As you know, the colony of feral cats have been well taken care of by their loyal caretaker. The caretaker has received verbal approval from yourself in April of 2017, which is now being revoked. The caretaker has taken care of these cats very well, preventing disease, and procreation of the cats by trapping, neutering, and returning them(TNR) with the help of local rescue groups, and her own funds, which are held in the Lake Trust Credit Union. If these defenseless cats are not taken care of, they will die terrible deaths, whether they aren't fed and vetted regularly, or if they are taken to any local shelter - the cats are deemed as unadoptable as they are wild, and will be euthanized at any shelter. Please let the cats live where they have for the last several years. They mean no harm and are well maintained. We are delivering you this petition signed by members of the Lake Trust Credit Union, and their families, urging you to uphold the verbal permission previously given to the caretaker of this colony. The members who have signed have been part of LTCU from 8 months -33 years. We the members are aware of this situation as this petition is continuing to receive signatures, and would like to be heard as members. The local cat community, including rescue groups are also aware and would like to be heard, and know that a local business in their community is friendly toward defenseless animals.