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Scrap the tolls on the new Mersey Gateway Bridge in Halton Cheshire!

We the undersigned want the Secretary of State for transport (The Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP) to scrap the charges that are being forced upon road users in order to use the new and current bridges going over the river mersey in Halton Cheshire, and also the current tolls in the Mersey tunnels in Liverpool.

Its already having a massive knock on effect on residents in Halton, visitors and local businesses in the area, many of which are already struggling in the current economic climate, so adding extra pressures of tolls might just be enough to tip some businesses over the edge.

These tolls introduced to the Mersey Gateway Bridge will only divide Halton, when as a community we want to stick together. 

We also feel bad for the local regions who are just outside of the £10 offer. Places like Rainhill, St. Helens, Warrington, Cronton, Bold, etc who might be metres away from the Halton boundary but have to pay £90 a month PER CAR, adding thousands a year to the family budget. We can also see a massive knock on effect in Warrington as the roads will become heavier due to people not been able to afford £90 a month. 

Only council tax bands A-F can get the £10 offer in Halton. Many people think it's £10 for everyone but it's not! People who live in council tax bands G and H can't get the £10 offer, so although they pay the most council tax out of everybody in the borough, they are not included, they are treated the same as everyone else outside the borough and have to pay £90 a month PER CAR! We feel this is discriminating against people in these council tax bands and we feel everyone who pays council tax should at least be treated the same! 

  • We don't want job losses!
  • We don't want tolls!
  • We don't want a divided Mersey region! 

We believe initial commitments to fund the new Mersey Gateway Bridge as promised by George Osbourne at national level should be honoured! With enough public pressure, we can rescue the situation. 

Let's get 100k signatures and get them to answer us in parliament! 

Please help to keep our Halton as one, and let's join together to keep us united! 


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