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End the use of Penalty-Fares and Penalty-Fare stations

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Penalty fare stations operate across the whole of the United Kingdom.

When it comes to travelling from a Penalty fare station, should you decide to purchase a ticket on the train rather than from the station, you will be charged £20 on top of your ticket price, regardless of situation. 

These penalty fares often target those who are unaware of the scheme, with many of these stations displaying limited signage warning of the fact. 

By charging fees for those purchasing a ticket on the train itself rather than the station, the Penalty fare system is flawed, most often than not targeting the forgetful and the unaware instead of those deliberately avoiding buying a ticket.

Within the majority of railway stations within the United Kingdom, tickets are available to purchase from the ticket inspectors on board. This is the norm, and for many people, almost muscle memory. 

By charging penalty fares on top of an already rapidly rising cost of train travel, rail companies are extracting money from otherwise loyal customers, and often ignoring the circumstances that led to a passenger boarding without a ticket. 

This is regardless of:

- Business of ticket kiosks leading to an attempt to purchase a ticket aboard the train

- For many Penalty Fare stations, the previous and latter station stops operate a system where you can purchase tickets aboard, with the same conductors charging fees in one station allowing for the purchase of tickets mere minutes.

- The hectic lifestyle of so many train travellers, boarding immediately prior to the train leaving.

- For many stations, the lack of awareness and display of signs demonstrating this is a penalty fare station.

By operating Penalty fare stations so arbitrarily and without thought of circumstance, railway companies within the UK treat the average commuter as if they were a criminal, regardless of intent to purchase. For the majority of cases, the fare is issued despite a previously held notion one could purchase a ticket on the train itself rather than the station. 

This petition calls upon the Secretary of Transport, as well as his Shadow counterpart to end Penalty fare stations' increasing extortion of average commuters, and allow a just system to take its place which differentiates between ticket-avoiders and those who rightfully assumed a ticket could be bought on the train itself.



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