Make Rail Pay It's Way - Cut Rail Spending

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Make Rail Pay It's Way - Cut Rail Spending

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Tax payers are being taken for a very expensive ride by an excessive and undemocratic rail spend, which is now 150% of road spend.

The rail spend is now £14.8bn / year and is likely to increase year on year and yet rail  serves just 10% of the working population

If it only serves a tenth of the working population, it should only be entitled to a tenth of road spending.

The government cannot come back with 'we do not recognise these figures' as all the figures are extracted from government data.

The Facts

  • Rail spending is now £14.8bn/year, which is 150% of the £10bn road spend.
  • Rail spend is now 36p / passenger mile, 12 times the road spend of 3p / road mile.
  • Rail is used for only 5% of all journeys against road which is used for 90% of all journeys.
  • Rail moves only 10% of land freight and road carries 90%
  • Road carries freight at a fraction of rail cost even though road is taxed at 13p / mile
  • The road budget maintains nearly 250,000 miles of road against just 10,000 miles of rail track.
  • Road taxes (direct and indirect) are now around £50bn/year and yet rail has not made a real profit since the mid 50's.
  • Road spending has been constant at around £10bn / year for a decade and yet rail spending is increasing year on year.

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This petition had 88 supporters

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