Adult Cyclists to have 3rd party insurance

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Cyclists use our roads as much as cars hgv’s public transportation and motorcycles. 

Cyclist’s do not pay tax. They do not have to ensure their choice of transportation is fit for purpose (m.o.t)  and also at present they do not pay insurance. As a car/motor owner we must hold road tax, insurance and M.o.t (unless it’s a brand new car) 

because of these factors and the increased rise in cycles using the roads risk to car and motor owners has risen along with the risks therefore resulting in higher insurance costs for motor vehicle users. 

i wish to propose a dabate in parliament to bring in to law that all cyclists over the age of 16 must hold valid insurance. 3rd party at least. Complete (if possible) basic registration for cyclists eg a cyclist personal number plate. Not only to hold cyclists to account for any Highway Code infringements

also so police can use existing technologies (a.n.p.r) to help both balance our insurance system for the better for existing motorists and those just learning but also hold any cyclists who cause issues on our roads to account by law and face proper convictions for lack of responsibility or careless driving where applicable the same as any motorist. 

If we win and this was to be implemented it should reduce costs to all public using our roads. Cyclists will become legally responsible and accountable where fault is for all actions including drink drive  Also with the extra revenue taken either by government or insurance companies it should be a win win to bring costs Down for existing motorists and companies and prevent rising costs long term 

Should we lose this debate and nothing is done we as motorists will incur year after year of increasing insurance premiums and costs associated with road traffic violations as normal with the real possibility of increased costs.

Cyclists cannot at present be identified in the event of an accident or insurance claim (lets change that)  But the cyclists will continue unchecked unaccountable with no way to bring them to proper criminal road traffic offences and no way to claim in the event of a road traffic violation or accident that causes injuries or deaths on our roads due to their incompetence and lack of proper legal responsibilities. 

Please sign this and make the uk parliament properly look at this proposal for the benefit of all users of the roads and make our roads safe for all to use legally and with proper protection for both  pedestrian and motorist alike should the worst happen.  

In The event that a motorist already insured to drive used a bicycle he/she should be able to have this shown in their car insurance as an add on as they have already paid to use the road and should not be subjected to further pay