Reinstate the University of Texas and Texas A & M football game

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Since November 24, 2011, UT and A&M played football for the last time after 118 meetings, which ended the third-oldest rivalry in college football. The rivalry between the two schools remains and in fact, has increased over the lack of football games. It is time to reinstate the Rivalry between the best schools in Texas. 

The competition between the two schools increased the unity between the students against a common "enemy", which is beneficial in a time of such divide in the US. Both Universities are deep in tradition with the rivalry being a major part of that tradition. 

Students from both universities must band together to demand a Reinstatement of the Rivalry. In fact, Coach Tom HermanCoach Jimbo FisherTexas Athletic Director Chris del ConteGovernor Greg AbbottOver 96% of UT students, and Over 94% of A&M students desired to bring the rivalry game back. 

Thus, both UT and A&M fans must sign this petition to reinstate this classic rivalry.