Domestic Violence Registry

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Perpetrators of domestic violence are secretive by nature. They prey on people who are giving and trusting by nature, but their success relies on being able to lie to and manipulate their partners without being exposed for their abusive past behaviors. Domestic Violence is rarely a one time occurrence, and it has been shown over time that people who are charged are likely to offend again, with their violent tendencies extending into new relationships. Our growing culture of social media and on-line dating sites have helped create a kind of hunting ground for serial offenders, where they can meet new victims under a facade. Many times they don't realize the truth until they're trapped in an abusive relationship with someone who portrayed themselves to be very different. I believe our state, and eventually our country, needs to create a domestic violence registry similar to the sex offender registry. Where someone convicted of domestic violence will have that information publicly available including dates, types of abuse (physical, mental, financial), and the number of partners involved. As a domestic violence survivor this is a cause not just near to my heart, but something I recognize as a sorely needed resource to help prevent the proliferation of violence and heartache these serial abusers leave in their wakes. Please help me to help others never have to experience what I and millions of others like me have. Don't they all deserve the truth and a chance?