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Stop Cruel Arrow-Hunting of Bears in New Jersey

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For the first time in 50 years, the government of New Jersey has permitted the use of bows and arrows for hunting bears --  an excruciating way to slaughter these majestic animals.

Among the victims was the beloved Pedals, a wounded black bear who became a media sensation for his walking like a human due to injured front paws.

Death by bows and arrows has “greater potential than firearms to inflict painful, gruesome injuries and slow, agonizing deaths,” according to Born Free USA’s Jennifer Place. She adds that “severely wounded bears could suffer for days or even weeks before dying.”

Over 500 black bears were killed in an expanded six-day hunt in October, intended as a means of population control – that’s the second-highest “harvest” of the yearly bear hunts that resumed in 2010. December will bring another hunting season, meaning hundreds more bears could be tortured and killed in New Jersey.

Killing innocent bears is not the solution for controlling over-population -- particularly not when unusually cruel methods such as bows and arrows are used.

Thankfully, lawmakers and animal rights activists are motioning to ban the hunt altogether. In April, the Environmental Committee began a movement to pass a hunting ban bill that states, “There shall be no open season for black bear,” protecting the animals as a non-game species.

We must fight his inhumane practice and raise our voices to stop the cruel bow-and-arrow hunting of bears, in New Jersey and beyond.

Sign your name to tell New Jersey to ban ALL hunting of bears, including by bow and arrow! The massacre must stop.

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