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Remove Summit Learning from New Egypt High School

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Summit Learning is a program created by Facebook engineers to promote "personalized" learning, but is it really personalized? Does it help students learn? Does it really prepare them for the world? Is it healthy? We don't think so, and here is why.

- Summit Learning does not disclose what they do with student information
- Summit Learning makes that students must keep up with a line that moves throughout the year, and it is easy for them to fall behind
- Summit Learning requires constant use of a laptop or computer, which is not healthy for students
- Students complain about pain in knuckles, fingers, and wrists from using a laptop all day, since textbooks and paper have been eliminated, they also point out neck pain
- Looking down and slouching by use of a laptop during a seven hour school day, can case health issues with posture and nerves in the neck
- Students do not retain information, all they do is read from resources online, take notes, and then take a ten question assessment
- Most teachers don't teach as much, they simply tell students how to work the Summit platform and students must teach themselves, no lectures
- Studies show that children and teens already spend 17 hours a week looking at a screen and that is double the time they spend outside doing physical activity
- Students are on laptops for 30 hours a week using the Summit Platform, plus the time they have to work on Summit at home
- Schools did not inform students or parents of the implementation of Summit
- Summit does not prepare students for standardized tests that have now become a graduation requirement
- Children and teens spend time on electronics outside of school already, having it constantly in schools will make it worse
- Teachers are reprimanded for giving lectures, as students are supposed to "teach themselves"
- Lots of students protest Summit every day, but Summit is continuously used
- Facebook engineers construct a personal profile using this platform, the information is out there, and this is given to colleges
- Students have no power how their data is shared outside of the district
- Several parents filed complaints against Summit, and were told that they could not opt out of the platform
- Summit is experimental, and is mostly being tested on students who have been in traditional schooling for most of their lives, this will ruin their school experience
- Summit has been described as a "disaster", as students are not truly choosing how they would like to learn, and teachers are not teaching
- Summit will make college harder for graduating seniors
- Summit profiles are mostly made in blue collar towns
- Summit does not work well in schools especially smaller ones

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