Choices Markets: Stop Buying Johnston's Pork (illegal animal abuse)

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Shocking undercover footage released in April 2019 ( ) and August 2019 ( ) exposed disturbing animal cruelty at Excelsior Hog Farm, supplier to Johnston's Pork.

Although all animal agriculture involves some level of violence and animal cruelty, Johnston's has been caught on video violating animal cruelty law. According to the Vancouver Sun, "...animal cruelty lawyer Anna Pippus identified what she called 'a number of clear code of practice violations, and other potential violations.'"

While we wait for the BCSPCA to complete the long, difficult process of pressing animal cruelty charges, we expect Choices Markets --as a local, ethically-minded grocery chain-- to stop buying from Johnston's Pork immediately. Send the message to Johnston's that animal cruelty is unacceptable.

As of August 17, 2019, Choices has informed us that all of their Johnston's products are from "Rise and Swine Farms," and "Makin' Bacon Farms," the only two Johnston's farms that raise pigs without the use of antibiotics ("RWA" products). For some reason, however, the Johnston's products on Choices' shelves is not labeled RWA, though there are other RWA products that are not explicitly labeled as "Johnston's." We are waiting for an explanation from Choices.

Nevertheless, Given that Johnston's has defended Excelsior, and that they remain partners, we are asking Choices to end its relationship with Johnston's.  Please keep the pressure up, and post pictures of any Johnston's products you spot at your local Choices Markets