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In life, our purpose as humans is accomplished through the experiences we achieve, the meaning of life is not to force this experiences. In our modern society, it is very tragic to see that there are still issues that affect us as individuals. In the chocolate production, the use of children to work in cocoa farms is very common. The children that are exposed to this type of treatment do not only undergo harsh conditions, but they are forced to work in circumstances that affect the development of their physical and psychological improvements. Because of this, children are affected in very hazardous ways. Unjustly, this is the most popular practice in which industries gain money. Children are not objects that can be unfairly treated and harmed with no one caring for them, children are not slaves, children deserve rights, and children deserve all the happiness of the world. It is evident that all of the victims of child labor suffer from traumatizing experiences that most of us are not even aware of. We must be conscious that whenever we buy a piece of chocolate, we are supporting child labor, that whenever we eat a piece of chocolate, we may be eating child’s flesh. Not being where we want to be should be enough motivation to change what is happening. We must let the chocolate companies know that we will work until the rights that the children deserve are given back, we will work for the freedom of the children, but mostly we will work to bring back the childhood that was stolen from the infants. Not only will we make sure that children experience life without traumas and chaos, but we will make sure that children no longer undergo inhumane practices. We will not let small dreams convince us that ours are too big. We will make the change. We will see the change. We will live the change. 

As individuals, we want to be sorry for the inconvenience to the chocolate industries, but we are trying to change the world. As consumers, we stand in a mediocre line, where we decide to blind ourselves and numb our capacities to confront child labor because we are not the ones being harmed. Aly Diabete, a former child laborer in cocoa farms experienced occurrences where he was tricked into thinking that the job of working in cocoa farms paid well. Once he was introduced to the work, he faced situations where he was forced to carry loads of cocoa pods that were taller than him and weighed about 100 pounds. He was a victim of violence when not harvesting cacao as his boss thought efficient. Therefore, he was beaten intensely. Child labor is a clear example of a dehumanizing act. It is our purpose to make it stop. We want chocolate industries to be conscious that consumers are aware of the atrocious proceedings in which the chocolate is produced. Children who are victims of child labor in chocolate production are suffering from low wages, long work hours, and dreadful working conditions . These are events that shall not be tolerated. Chocolate industries can prevent this type of right violations by starting to make the change. First, child laborers should earn an income that is sufficient for the children to sustain themselves and does not stand below the poverty line as it currently does. This way, children will not be treated as slaves and the work they do is paid fairly in return. Next, children should be provided with education. As everyone knows, the kids are the future of this world, but how are we supposed to end poverty if no education is provided? How are children supposed to grow as human beings if they have never been educated? Education is a right that the children have and it should not be something that they have to dream of. However, education can be a possibility only if hours of work are reduced so children are not exploited by work and school. Finally, children working in these fields should have better working conditions. If efficient products are desired, children should not be fed with cheap and unhealthy foods. Also, children should be able to live in comfortable and hygienic spaces, not where they are forced to sleep in windowless buildings with lack if clean water and sanitary rooms. By doing this, not only will we grow as humans, but we will make child labor a record of the past. 

It is a treacherous act to believe that humanity has been part of evolution when the only proof of evolution is human ignorance. Child labor should be taken in consideration all around the world because it is a cruel an inhumane practice. We need to unite with each other and rise together as a proof of humanity and make child labor a thing of our past. If children would hold books and pens instead of dangerous tools, it is unimaginable the progress we would make as human beings. Children were not born to be exploited and unfairly treated. If children from other parts of the world have the right to education, why can´t children all over the world have it too? It is fundamental for us, as a society to start making changes in this type of unjust treatments because the day that we realize that money is not edible, it will be too late. People should start caring now, not when the world is starting to fall apart or when the solutions are limited. Now is the time, now is the change, now is the only opportunity because if we look at yesterday, tomorrow is today and we can´t waste time, not when there are people suffering and breaking apart. No one, absolutely no one, has the right to steal somebody´s happiness away. Therefore, we need to reclaim our humanity and for just once in our lifetime show that we care, show that we can change the world, show that we are human. 

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