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Allow yShaders to be distributed!

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In October of 2014, I, sensi277 on the MinecraftForum, created a shaderpack called "yShaders". My goal with this shaderpack was to allow anyone, regardless of the quality of their PC, to play Minecraft with shaders. It used version 3 of chocapic13's shaders as a base. Feedback was great. People loved yShaders because it was the only shaderpack that could run even on the least powerful of computers. It soon grew to 250 downloads per day. By the end of April, it had over 40,000 total downloads.

But, in April of 2015, chocapic13, who owns the rights to the chocapic13 base for yShaders, created a ban on using any version of his shaderpack older than v3 for distributing. This meant that I was forced to discontinue yShaders. But chocapic13 is not to blame. He was simply following the rules set by SonicEther, the original creator of the code in chocapic13 v3. SonicEther has a rule where no-one can distribute any part of his shaderpack, Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders. Chocapic13 v3 (the version yShaders is based on) had been banned by SonicEther.

All of this meant that I was no longer allowed to continue developing yShaders. I took yShaders down in accordance with the rules. This lead to a huge uproar from the shaders community, as both yShaders and another shaderpack known as Pedro's Lagless Shaders were forced to be discontinued. For 5 months, I have been trying to find a way to revive yShaders. I have attempted to contact Sonic Ether to get an exception but he has not replied to my messages. 

yShaders was the one hope for thousands to run shaders on their aging or slow computers. Now that Sonic Ether has discontinued it, I cannot distribute it or continue developing it, and neither can Pedro on his shaderpack. Hopefully if enough people sign this petition SonicEther will see this, which will allow SonicEther, chocapic13 and I to work together to lift the ban on chocapic13 v3 based shaderpacks, including yShaders.

TL;DR: We need to work with SonicEther to allow yShaders to be distributed again.

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