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Ask the Chinese Government to close down fur farms!

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                                             Stop the fur trade!



As if being snatched from your own home or off the streets isn’t traumatic enough? But you are then placed into living conditions that are unspeakable and your death will not be quick nor easy either! This tragedy is what millions of animals across China are suffering on a daily basis! And what for?

A fur coat!
That’s right! A fashion item!!

The fur trade is a barbaric and inhumane industry that captures animals either from the wild or off the streets and are then placed into fur farms. Animals such as dogs, cats, minks, foxes, chinchillas, raccoons, beavers ,and weasels are just a few subjects to this unkind industry. In these farms, animals are kept in tiny wire cages that are so small they are unable to move or stand. They are left in their own faeces and through rough handling obtain wounds that soon turn infectious. Disease and infection are quickly spread leaving animals in extreme pain.These living condition are so torturous that the animals themselves will begin to self mutilate either by biting themselves or even chewing off their limbs.These animals are then hung by their legs and skinned for their fur coat, often still alive.

What makes this industry more frustrating is not just the treatment and cruelty of it but the lack of need for it! We are no longer in need of fur coats or garments, they are not essential to humans or our welfare. All that remains of the fur trade is a glamourised luxury item! I strongly feel this is an outdated industry that will only long term benefit from being abolished. Compassion and justice to animals is just as crucial to a country as welfare for the people. It can implant kindness and a understanding that animals are a sentient beings and that anything sentient should be respected.


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This petition is urging the Chinese government to start closing down fur farms and place a ban on the fur trading industry. I understand the implication of closing down fur farms for its workers,which is why I am not just pleading the Chinese government to put a stop to fur farming but to also support fur farm workers into alternative work. I would also like to say on behalf of those thousands of people, animal welfare groups and campaigns that have fought for years to bring compassion and justice to this world, that’s its time their voices were heard. 








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