China: Stop the senseless killing of pet dogs and street dogs because of daytime dog bans.

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New daytime dog bans in China mean dogs - pets and strays - are being brutally killed. This needs to stop.

What's Happening? As of November 2018 the Chinese city of Hangzhou has introduced harsh restrictions on dogs, banning dog walking between 7am and 7pm, and officials are confiscating or killing dogs that are not properly licensed. Pet dogs of all sizes are being taken from their owners, some brutally beaten to death in front of them, others drowned or poisoned. Street dogs and strays have been filmed being brutally murdered. These laws are set to spread to other cities. We urge the Chinese Ambassador to the UK to take steps to stop this senseless killing, now.

It doesn't have to be this way. China's UK Ambassador has said in the press that China works for harmony and stability at home - for animal rights activists and pet owners in China, as well as people all around the world, this brutal treatment is not peaceful. China has no animal rights laws but is a founding member of the UN, which is advocating a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare that acknowledges the importance of the sentience of animals and human responsibilities towards them. Every dog, whether stray, pet or "dangerous" breed, is a sentient being and humans have a responsibility to treat them with compassion.

There are humane ways to exert more control over local dog populations - sterilisation programmes, educating dog owners, requiring dogs are leashed. These are human responsibilities - don't take out on animals where humans have failed to co-operate or have let these dogs down. Stop these agonising and unnecessary deaths.

Why sign? Please sign this petition to urge His Excellency Ambassador Liu Xiaoming to advocate to stop the brutal killings resulting from the dog bans and work with animal rights groups and international organisations to create a more responsible, peaceful and compassionate future for dogs in China.