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Justice for Gypsy Rose Blancharde

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Gypsy Blancharde is a 25 year old woman who suffered years of abuse at the hands of her own mother; a mother who systematically manipulated doctors, those around her, and multiple people in a position of power who questioned her, into believing her daughter had a multitude of chronic illnesses and diseases which led to an array of unnecessary procedures and an endless amount of harmful drugs being pumped into her system. Gypsy Rose Blanchardes own mother made her believe that she suffered from leukemia, asthma, muscular dystrophy and several other chronic conditions, and had the mental capacity of a 7-year-old due to brain damage she had suffered as a result of her premature birth. Gypsy had a feeding tube unnecessarily fitted and changed every six months, and time and time again was failed by nurses and medical professionals who should have seen that this was a classic case of Munchausen by proxy.

Gypsy seems to have stopped going to school after second grade, possibly even as early as kindergarten. Her mother homeschooled her after that, supposedly because her illnesses were so severe. Gypsy managed to learn to read on her own, through the Harry Potter books.

While Gypsy's father Rod had remarried, Clauddine did not and instead moved in with her father and stepmother, who would later claim that Clauddine, when preparing food for her, poisoned it with Roundup weed killer, leading to her own chronic illness during this period. During that time, she was arrested for several minor offenses, like writing bad checks.When the Pitres began to regularly confront her about her treatment of Gypsy and expressed suspicion about her role in her stepmother's health, she left with Gypsy for Slidell, although the family would not know this for several years. Her stepmother's health returned to normal shortly afterwards.

Through conspiracy with her online boyfriend after she had exhausted all other options to escape her mothers awful clutches, she turned to murder. Her boyfriend of the time killed Gypsys mother by stabbing her repeatedly in the back with a knife as Gypsy lay with her hands covering her ears uh a foetal position in the bathroom, and then went on to escape with her then boyfriend, Godejohn. 

My point in this petition is that there is no clear result for a case so unique, but I do believe that this case was treated far too harshly considering mitigating circumstances. Gypsy has a childlike demeanour and deserves a lot of therapy and support, not to get another ten years of her life stolen away from her as a result of her mothers death, where she well and truly believed that was the only solution to her problem. Gypsy will be 32 before she is eligible for parole in 2024, and I think it is simply ridiculous to slap a 10 year sentence on her considering all mitigating circumstances and also the fact she did not herself commit the murder.

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