Better working environments & salaries for Child and Youth Care Workers

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"2018 is the year of Child and Youth Care W/P- #They must know"

Child & Youth Care Workers in South Africa have hit a stumbling block and are frustrated by their working conditions. At the same time, they are grossly underpaid and some Departments don't even recognize them as professionals. 

Most of these Child and Youth Care W/P don't have a voice in the sector. A number of Child & Youth Care W/P have come together from different provinces, we seek to meet the Minister of Social Development face to face in Parliament to get answers about:

-Professionalization of the field

-Implementing the regulations that were signed in 2014

-Clarity about the representatives and their roles in the Child & Youth Care sector

- Clarity on the registration process of Child and Youth Care W/P

- Hiring Child and Youth Care Workers in Government Departments e.g. we cannot have professionals that cannot speak our child and youth care language to manage us 

- How long do internships last and permanent employment commence