Charge Master Police Officer David Hurt in the death of his partner, K-9 Officer "Turbo"

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We demand justice for K-9 officer "Turbo"!! This K-9 officer died at the hands of his partner and handler, Master Police Officer, David Hurt, on July 26 in Columbia, South Carolina. Hurt left the dog in the police vehicle for more than six hours and never checked on him at all during that period of time. He had the air conditioning on, but for some "unexplained" reason he turned off a heat alarm. Hurt was inside a high school, along with several other handlers, receiving active shooter training. Other handlers also left their dogs inside vehicles, but they all checked on their animals frequently throughout this period of time. When Hurt returned to his vehicle at the end of the day, Turbo had white foam around his mouth and was listless. He was taken to a veterinarian, but was put down two days later after suffering organ failure. The high temperature in Columbia that day was 94 degrees. HURT WAS SUSPENDED FOR FIVE DAYS, BUT WON'T FACE CRIMINAL CHARGES!!! Turbo was the first dog given to Hurt, who went through HUNDREDS of hours of training. The 22 month old explosive sniffing dog had been with Hurt for seven months. Master Police Officer, David Hurt, should be held to a much higher standard in light of his position. He should not only LOSE HIS JOB, but he should be CHARGED IN THE DEATH OF HIS PARTNER, K-9 Officer Turbo. **Mayor Stephen K. Benjamin, ** Police Chief Skip Holbrook, **Deputy Chief M.J. Kelly, **Major D.L. Oree, **Major R.J. Hines, **Captain D.A. Thornton, **Captain G.A. Drafts...WE DEMAND JUSTICE FOR K-9 OFFICER "TURBO".