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Proper disposal of mountains of garbage near MC Saxena Chowraha Hardoi bypass,Lucknow.

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Every time we pass this road,our heart cries ,our body trembles and our soul aches in pain.We try hard but fail to find any reasonable answer,as to why , a tiny heap of garbage prospered into  tall , mighty ,threathening mountains of stinking garbage on both side of the road,adjacent to Gomti pul,on Hardoi by pass road,near MG Saxena Chowraha,few kilometers before Dubagga,Lucknow.

Is it not a big dark spot on our Swaach Bharat Mission ??? 

Terrible eye sore...dangerous health hazard, dreadful menace for one and all ....these ever increasing mountains of garbage are heavily polluting ,not just the vast stretch of land and air but posing a serious threat to the life line of Lucknow,that is our Gomti river.

( We have shared the main road side view in the above video .For the back side view of the these garbage mountains can be seen at this link www.

We are sure,if a proper scientific study is done in this area,alarming data as regards land ,air and water pollution will come to light.

It's high time ,the Government and the people of Lucknow unite and address this severe problem,before it gets from bad to worse.And also if we stand for Swaach Bharat Mission.

It's our sincere and humble appeal to our honourable Minister sir and all concerned officials in his team to act as promptly as possible to address the mounting issue of garbage disposal in our city by adopting more innovative and scientifically proven methods of disposal.

Also,we earnestly wish you all to sign this petition and come forward to play a more active role in managing the garbage that goes out of our houses,by slowing down on our consumption needs and by showing readiness to minimize our own household garbage so that our city can breathe.

If Lucknow has to become a Smart city, we need to work together as SMART Citizens and Smart Community and ensure that the Government facilitates in creating a sustainable system of garbage management.

Looking forward with great hope that we all will unite to ring the alarm bell and ask the Government to address these mountains of garbage on the mentioned site at the earliest.

Awaiting your wholehearted support and concern to remove this garbage mountain at the earliest.

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