Elephants are Forced to Entertain Tourists at Amer Fort

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Amer Fort is an iconic tourist attraction in Amer, Rajasthan, India. Located high on a hill, tourists can choose to take a jeep ride or to ride an elephant.

Mahouts and Travel Agents steering paying customers offering an “Elephant Experience”.

An elephant making rounds everyday (365 days of the year) and earns 900 rupees for each ride ($20) From this, 200 rupees ($4.30) goes towards the welfare of the animal.

Elephants wait together in a courtyard at the foot of the mountain lined up in order, until it’s their turn to take guests onto their back and walk up a steep hill.

Many groups and animal activists worldwide have reported and raised concerns regarding this cruel ride and the abuse of these elephants

 · Tourists Contacted PETA India After Witnessing Shocking Jaipur Elephant Beatings  https://www.peta.org/blog/tourists-contact-peta-witnessing-shocking-jaipur-elephant-beatings/

· Demonstrations of Protesting Elephant rides in India https://www.peta.org/blog/peta-founder-beaten-protesting-elephant-rides-india/

·Up in arms against jumbo rides at Amber Fort in Jaipur http://www.tribuneindia.com/news/nation/peta-up-in-arms-against-jumbo-rides-at-amber-fort-in-jaipur/429766.html

· Blind elephants used at popular fort: Petahttp://www.gulf-times.com/story/590320/Blind-elephants-used-at-popular-fort-Peta

Celebrities in India have tweeted for the Elephants at Amer Fort

Anusha Sharma  tweeted drawing attention to the heartbreaking image of an elephant, known only as “#44”, being violently beaten by numerous men. This animal is used for carrying tourists at Amber Fort in Jaipur.


Esha Gupta tweeted what animals must be thinking we humans are? Cruel living heartless destroyers of this earth https://twitter.com/eshagupta2811/status/974786497361661952

A number of celebrities shared in raising concerns over twitter Sunny Leone, Harshvardhan Rane, Pooja Bhatt, Kartik Murali, and Atul Kasbekar  expressing that the elephant had been treated cruelly, in apparent violation of numerous animal-protection laws

Known only as #112 elephant  Chanda is forced to giving tourist rides & has been bred to have her babies taken away from her which has launched a worldwide campaign #SaveSuman her 5 year old daughter whom is being held illegally and to have them rescued.

Tweet by celebrity Sidharth Malhotra  https://www.trendsmap.com/twitter/tweet/996387247715827712

His tweet moved other celebrities including Karan Johar, Anushka Manchanda and Vivek Oberoi, Indian cricketers Yusuf Pathan, Yuzvendra Chahal andHarbhajan Singh who lent their voice and tweeted supporting the campaign and put an end to elephant trafficking.

An examination was done for the Elephants in Amer Fort  showed that

· Elephants were suffering from tuberculosis

· various foot problems, including overgrown toenails and bruised footpads

· Some elephants were found to be blind

· Abscesses and wounds

·  Elephant showed signs of pain in their legs

· Elephants were found to be under severe psychological distress ( head bobbining/weaving repetitive moves)

·   No nutritious food, or adequate water 

· They work long continuous hours

 · Working elephants live in Elephant Village , each concrete stable holds one (solitary) elephant they are most often chained up to 12 hours a day  

· Inadequate or no Vet Care

· The public is in direct contact / hands on with these elephants and many incidents have shown in various parts of India human/elephant conflict. There is no guarantee that an elephant will accept its entire life in captivity and the constant stressors can cause the elephants of Amer Fort to strike back at any given time.

 Video Footage At Amer Fort 





What you can do to stop this

· Don’t ride an elephant 

· Spread the awareness

 · Speak up for the elephants (REPORT ABUSE)

 These elephants are identified only to be a number , stripped of their identity of being wild they are being used for entertainment purposes forcibly removed from their natural habitat and families into a life of exploitation and abuse.  For the rest of their lives these elephants are forced to transport tourists, spending any spare time physically restrained and isolated.

 By Signing this petition requesting Chief Minister of Rajasthan to take notice Asian Elephant’s  are on a path of extinction we must continue to protect their future

 Put an end to the abuse and cruel rides and send the elephants of Amer Fort to an Ethical Sanctuary in support of  #EcoTourism that can actually help these elephants live peacefully.

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