Isle of Man Government Gas Advisory Committee

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The Chief Minister Mr Howard Quayle set up a Government Gas Regulatory Advisory Committee late last year 2017, to investigate the role of Manx Gas as a sole provider of domestic/commercial  gas on the Isle of Man plus the banding standing charges that were implemented  on 1st January 2016 plus the 9.99% ROCE profit margin, amongst other issues relating to Manx Gas/ANCALA and its monopoly position.

The Government Gas Regulatory Advisory Committee with Policy and Reform Minister, Mr Chris Thomas as Chair has been sitting since very early this year meeting all parties that have an interest in this subject. I met the Committee in January 2018 on behalf of our social media group opposed to Banding Standing Charges. The name of the group is given at the bottom of the page and you are welcome to join our group. We currently have over 1500 members .

As per Government policy the Committee must report back to the Chief Minister before the end of December 2018 at the very latest. If there is the will of Government, six months notice period could then be served on Manx Gas to terminate the current regulatory agreement which came into existence in January 2015. The agreement must run a minimum 4 years period.

I am asking you today to consider signing this petition to push and urge the Committee for a speedy draft and conclusion of its findings on Manx Gas and report back to the Chief Minister earlier, so if deemed appropriate the Government can serve the six months notice on Manx Gas earlier, thereby bringing the Banding Standing Charges and indeed the current regulatory agreement to an end earlier.

If you are a gas customer you will be aware of the banding standing charges and the pitfalls associated with them. Maybe you would agree that another winter of the extortionate standing charges and cost of gas would be a cold thought. The reality is though unless we can urge the Committee to complete their findings as soon as is possible the current agreement will run till at least June 2019 if not longer. 

Thank you for reading and considering signing this petition.

Barry Murphy


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