Better arrangements in North Bengal for COVID19.

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1.  Apart from allotting specific building(s) in the North Bengal Medical College & Hospital campus, nearby facilities such as Bhavan and private Hospital may be converted into quarantine, isolation and treatment centres.

   Similarly, at the district and major towns of North Bengal, Hostels or Bhavans around the centralised COVID19 treatment facilities may be used to accommodate the special medical staff.

2.   Instead of earmarking a couple of beds (and ventilators) in each private hospital for COVID19 patients, the resources be pulled together at one central facility in the district headquarters and major towns in North Bengal. Doctors, Nurses and Ventilators may be requisitioned to the central facility, so the pool of resources could be used more efficiently, under direct government control.The patient parties, too, will be spared of avoidable worry when there is one specific address.

3.   More ventilators, test kits and appropriate protective gears be provided to the doctors and medical staff who are putting their lives into danger to fight the pandemic.

We trust in your leadership and efforts to fight the pandemic.