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An appeal to the Chief Justice, the Supreme Court of India

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The Hon’ble Chief Justice

Supreme Court of India


Ref: The Supreme Court’s Order on 13.11.2017 in SLP (Crl) No 4727/2017

The above referred matter came up before the seventh court on 13.11.2017 and the appeal against life imprisonment by two Pricol Workers was dismissed by the Supreme Court without assigning any reasons on that day. The appeal was by two Pricol Workers of Coimbatore, Tamilnadu against their life imprisonment. But on the same day the same court has ordered notice to be issued to seven workers in the SLPs against their acquittal. This has sent shock waves throughout the working class movement.

The Madras High Court has held on 19.01.2017 that the FIR in this case is fabricated and was cooked up later and that the initial information about the occurrence has been suppressed. The High Court has also held that men may lie but science does not lie and then went on to say that the truth would have come out if the CCTV recordings of the occurrence have been obtained properly and produced in the sessions court. In view of the above material contradictions,and in view of the serious suspicions and reservations expressed by the High Court, the Supreme Court should have decided to hear and examine the SLP filed by the two workers against the life imprisonment.

We understand that the decision in A.R.Antulay’s case reported in AIR Supreme Court 1988 provides for the Supreme Court to invoke its inherent powers to examine and hear cases where any wrong has been meted out to any person by the court. In the Pricol workers’ appeal they have been wronged by denying a hearing and we request the Supreme Court to hear and examine their SLP to uphold their right to life.

Yours faithfully

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