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False Allegations and cases filed against #Asaram Bapu

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#False allegations and cases filed

1. The medical report of accuser girl in case of Asaram Bapu is completely fine. Which means no rape,attempt or molestation charges. Interestingly, the accuser girl does not allege anywhere in her FIR any incident of 'rape' Src :Pujya Asaram bapu ji framed by media in false rape allegations - Exposed by Jodhpur Police

2. Women commission of gujrat gives clean chit to surat ashram. No coverage by #paidmedia . To quote words of Smt. Leela Ben Ankoliya, the President of ‘Gujarat Mahila Ayog’ , “We interrogated every lady-seeker individually. Nobody seemed to be under any pressure. None of the lady-seekers have faced any misbehaviour from anyone. All the so-called incidents taking place with these seekers are false. News published by media are so capricious, insulting and shameful that if they were true, women would not have come to this ashram for 36 years in such large number

3. Asaram Bapu's aide : Shiva is tortured in police custody and forced to sign on blank papers. #paidmedia silent. Jodhpur Police Tortured Pujya Asaram Bapu Aide Shiva to Give false statement about VCD

A classmate girl of accuser calls the accuser and asks her why she alleged false charges on Asaramji Bapu ? The accuser replied that " i have not done anything. I told whatever my parents told me to say " Actual video : Sant Asaram ji Bapu Fake case exposed by Girl on phone  Our #paidmedia will show us anything but truth. Why did media not show you any of above news ?

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