Save Our Shelter


Save Our Shelter

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KWWSPCA started this petition to Chief Executive Kildare County Council

We need to find a new site for The KIldare West Wicklow Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals Shelter (KWWSPCA) now based in Athgarvan Co. Kildare

The present site is being sold and we need €300,000 to buy a suitable site and to be able to refurbish it to the required Council standards.

Please do not make Donations for The Shelter on this petition. Donations can be made via the Go fund me page or through PayPal.

1 It is essential that these lost, stray and abused animals have a safe place to be.

2 Without a shelter the kill rate in the County Council Dog Pound will once again rise since the KWWSPCA take dogs out of the Pound for rehabilitation  and rehoming after their 5 day requirement.

3 People need to know they have a service that can be relied on when needed and Volunteers need a base to work from.

4 KWWSPCA is 100% Voluntary with all money raised used to improve the lives of animals coming into its care. 

5 Kildare County Council need to help with a suitable site with fpp and services as required by The Kildare County Council themselves. 

6 The KWWSPCA have provided their service to County Kildare for many years. There are no other options for the public to call on other than a few small Rescues who are already overburdened.

Where will people go for help?

Where will the animals go?

It is down to us, the ordinary people to petition The Chief Executive of Kildare County Council for some real and genuine help, in the form of a suitable site as quickly as possible.

Kildare County Council are providing The County Dog Pound With €300,000 this year to refurbish the premises. Why?

Their dogs come to the KWWSPCA Shelter. Where will they go when there is no Shelter?







This petition made change with 1,038 supporters!

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