Save Leith Registrar

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We think that the Leith Registrars Office should stay open.

Edinburgh Council has decided to shut the Leith Registrars Office where thousands of Leithers have got married, had their civil partnership, registered their children's births and shed a tear as they registered a loved one's death.

They say you can still get married in Leith but it will be the Registrar from the City Chambers that will do it.  That's not the same as being married in the Leith Registrars Office.  Not only that, but getting married other than in the Registrars Office is more expensive so it would cost Leithers more to get married.  We'd still have to go up to the City Chambers to register births and deaths, too.

When Leith was forced into a union with Edinburgh in 1920 part of the settlement was Leith Theatre, Library and Registrars and that should be respected.  Leith has its own, unique, history and its own sense of space - it's not just an Edinburgh suburb.  The Registrar should stay open for the people of leith

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